PLUR volunteering

Yo quiero ser tu techo

Esta noche de invierno
frente a la estación de tren
aguardamos la mañana
junto a ti

En la sala de espera
escapando del frío

toda la culpa querría esconder...

Yo quiero ser tu techo
yo quiero ser tu techo

contra la lluvia
contra el vendaval,

hasta que un día

brille el sol

Yo quiero ser tu techo
yo quiero ser tu techo

방이 되고 싶었다

오늘 같은 가을밤
서울역 광장에서
우리는 아침을 기다리며

대합실 안에서
한기를 피하고

온갖 부끄러움 감출 수 있는…

방이 되고 싶었다
방이 되고 싶었다 (다시)

바람이 불고 비가 내려도
날이 밝아 올 때까지

방이 되고 싶었다
방이 되고 싶었다 (다시)

(canción interpretada cada tarde de domingo frente a la estación de tren de Seúl por el grupo de voluntariado con Personas Sin Hogar de la ONG PLUR –Paz, Amor, Unidad y Respeto)

Letra: Yoo Changman (Iu Changman); música: Driller
Traducción de Luis A. Frailes Álvaro

(PLUR (즉 평화, 사랑, 일치 및 존중) 비정부 기구가 실행하는 노숙자 프로그렘의 자원봉사자들이 일요일마다 부르는 노래)

가사: 유창만. 작곡: Driller. 번역: 뤼스 알프레도 프라일레스 알바로 옮김

What's PLUR? = Peace, Love, Unity, Respect

Our mission:
P-eace: To spread peace in Korea
L-ove: To share brotherly and unconditional love
U-nity: To foster unity with the people we meet and serve
R-espect: To respect each other, even if we have different views in life

Volunteer for PLUR is a movement designed to bring PLUR, wherever you are, through the spirit of volunteerism. As actions speak louder than words, we believe volunteering will change both our lives and the lives of others. To be a part of this movement, you must commit yourself to at least 3 volunteer projects a year so that this movement becomes a movement and not just an idea. If you RSVP but don't show up to the event, we will give you two warnings. And if this happens a third time, we will remove you from this group.

If you decide you want to serve:
1. Join our group 'Volunteer for PLUR'.
2. Make sure there's enough space in a volunteer project.
3. Click on the "ATTENDING" button ONLY if you are POSITIVE that you can participate.

If you would like to make a donation to our group, here is the bank account information. You can send money through the ATM or online. Thank you for your generosity!
KB Bank, Account #: 205502-04-363351
Name: 장융희 (PLUR)

Currently we have three projects:
*Feed Your Seoul - Every Friday & Sunday, we go to a soup kitchen and help feed the homeless.
*Help Your Seoul - Every Sunday, we go to Seoul Station and pass out food to the homeless who sleep and live in/near the station.
*Orphanage Visit - Once a month, we go to Hyang-ae Orphanage to visit and do activities with the children there.

For general inquiries, please e-mail us at

If you'd like more information about the specific events, please contact the coordinators for that particular event.

Feed Your Seoul:
E.J. Callahan (
Kathryn Park (
Jang Yoong Hui (

Help Your Seoul:
Ryan Berkebile (
Liz Oh (

Orphanage Visit:
Paul H Kim (
Jin Lee (

For event info & fundraising, please contact our fundraising Chair, Shaun Rajan (

Come out and make a difference!

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